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The Botox Barn & Wellness

Premier Medical Spa in Dunkirk, New York

With Gratitude....

Family, Friends and Clients,

Thank you for following us on this journey. We got a "facelift!" You may have noticed our brand/logo looks different and we hope you love the new look as much as we do! The Botox Barn has also added wellness services, hence "and Wellness." The wonderful news doesn't stop there.....We also MOVED to a new location, which has given us the space needed to grow our list of products and services. If you're new to The Botox Barn, Welcome! We can't wait to meet you and to assist you in your aesthetics and wellness goals.

New To Med Spa Services?

Let The Botox Barn guide you through your skincare, health and wellness questions. Many people ask, "where do I begin?" Botox is a great way to introduce yourself to injectables and refresh your look! The best way to prevent "wrinkles" is to be proactive. When you relax the muscles, you prevent creasing and fine lines. If you already have noticeable lines and creasing, Botox can help reverse the appearance of wrinkles and diminish fine lines. Many people begin to consider Botox in their 30's. However, the right answer is, "whenever you feel comfortable." If you start your Botox journey at a younger age the more effective it will be in training your facial muscles and inhibit the development of lines. Botox is FDA approved for those over the age of 18.

Let Us Help You Feel Beautiful In Your Own Skin!

Not ready for Botox or injectables? We can still help you feel beautiful in your own skin. Our curated collection of medical grade skincare products from ZO and PCA offer a higher concentration of active ingredients. These higher amounts of active ingredients deliver the results you need to make your skin glow! Tap into these power house products and elevate your skincare routine. Questions?.... come see us! We are proud to offer you the very best Medical Spa services in Dunkirk, NY and Chautauquan County.

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